Street art is not exactly the sort of thing you would expect to find at a gallery dedicated to one of the 20th century’s greatest master painters.

But at the Stanley Spencer Gallery in Cookham last week the focus switched to Banksy, as an expert professor Paul Gough led audiences on a tour of his unique work.

Having recently edited a book on the street artist, the eminent academic from the University of the West of England, Bristol – Banksy’s home town – drew parallels between the two greats.

Both have enjoyed huge success in their lifetimes and have a strong connection to their home towns, despite Banksy hiding his identity from the world.

Professor Gough said the fascination surrounding the mystery man of the contemporary art work reveals a “grudging respect” for Banksy’s role as a satirical spokesman and the British fascination with the "whodunnit".

And asked if he had ever met the enigmatic man himself, he said: “Possibly, but how would I know?”

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