The country’s best loved dancing duo, Flavia Cacace and Vincent Simone, are to perform together for the last time with their explosive new tour – and they’re premiering it in Aylesbury.  

After 20 years of dancing together, in which they have become favourites on Strictly Come Dancing, Flavia and Vincent will perform their most intimate and moving show yet – The Last Tango.

“It’s going to be very different from our last show, Dance ‘til Dawn. The Last Tango is more intimate and more intense than anything we have done before. There will still be some of our favourite dances but also some completely new ones. It’s going to be quite challenging but it’s very exciting,” said Flavia.

“We haven’t performed at the Waterside before but we’re very excited about going there. It’s a lovely modern theatre and it’s a great place for us to kick off our tour.”

Despite the tour still being in the planning stages, Flavia is certain that the audience will be in for a treat.

She said: “There will be dancers and musicians and beautiful costumes. We’re still in the creative process at the moment so there are lots of ideas going around, but we want to make The Last Tango a really amazing show.”

After building an incredible career together, the dance champions’ last tour is an end of an era. But they’re not feeling sad just yet.

Flavia said: “I don’t think sad is the word, we’re very grateful and privileged that we have had the chance to perform together for so long. We have had some amazing opportunities that other dancers haven’t had.

“And physically, we’re very lucky that our bodies have allowed us to continue for so long. Dancing professionally is a very gruelling schedule and it takes its toll on your body.  

“I’m sure when we get to the last ever show on this tour, it will be really sad but I just remember how lucky we are to have had this chance. It will be great to get into some new projects.”

Vincent added: “We are very lucky to have all these opportunities and we will take with us so many good memories. I think we have become the face of the Tango over the years.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Tango is the couple’s favourite dance to perform live.

Vincent said:” It has to be the Argentinean Tango for sure. We love the music and it’s what we do best. We were the very first couple to perform it live on TV, so I think we have become the face of the Tango.”

The dance partners found fame with Strictly Come Dancing, when they first appeared back in 2006 and Vincent says his best memories come from his time on the show.

“When we started Strictly, that was amazing. It is probably the ultimate dream for a dancer, to be on the biggest dance show in the world and we had a fantastic time. Strictly has made dancing so much more popular.

“We have danced all our lives but it has become so much more popular since the show started. Now, I walk down the street and people who speak to me know so much about dancing and routines.”

Is there a chance that the Strictly favourites will ever return to the show that made them a household name?

“We’re still in regular contact with the Strictly producers, so who knows,” said Vincent.

“I know they would love to have us back, so I would never say never.”

Two tours later, Vincent and Flavia have undoubtedly become the nation’s favourite dancers and Vincent believes it’s their chemistry that has made them so successful.  

Vincent said: “I don’t think there is anyone else like me in the world, that’s what! No, the chemistry we have with each other is great; it takes years to achieve that.

“If you’re looking for pure emotion, you have to be spending a lot of time together, not just a few weeks. We give people emotion and we meet people all the time who say ‘you made me laugh’ or ‘you made me cry’. It’s really nice that have touched people’s hearts.

“We get on very well together, our personalities are very good and we never argue, we’re still as strong as ever.”

So, why should people go and see The Last Tango when it comes to Aylesbury between 17 and 19 September?

Vincent said: “Because I will be there! All the women should come and see me. It’s going to be our very last show and we’re going to make it the very best we can.

“People that haven’t seen us before should come because it’s going to be a great night with a great atmosphere. “

Tickets range from £23.40 to £53.40, available online at or call 0844 871 7607.