A man who thought he was growing a Venus flytrap after buying seeds from Poundland has been left with a mystery plant he fears could be dangerous.

Mike Blackwell, who lives in Saunderton, bought what he thought were the carnivorous plant seeds in Poundland High Wycombe, but the Parish Councillor has been left with the unknown plant instead.

Mr Blackwell says the anonymous plant, which he says has been growing at an alarming rate since he bought them in April, has left him confused. 

He said: “I have been growing them for quite some time and they are quite clearly not what it said on the packet. I’m not a gardener, but I know it’s not a Venus flytrap.

“No one seems to be able to identify the plant. I have been searching around and I have no idea. It’s been growing at an unbelievable rate; the leaves have been growing about half an inch a day.”

Cllr Blackwell is now worried that the plant could be harmful.

He said: “What concerns me is that we have no idea what this plant is. It could be illegal and we don’t know if it’s dangerous. This has really got to me.

“It could have been imported from anywhere. It could be dangerous or hazardous or even kill a child. We just don’t know.”

The Councillor claims he has been in touch with Poundland who have withdrawn the seeds from sale and advised him to destroy the plants, but this has not been confirmed by the retailer.

Poundland has been contacted for comment.