Comedian Danny Buckler is bringing his unique show to Maidenhead this weekend.

The comedian and magician is bringing his Magic Salon to Norden Farm and promises an evening of mystery, illusion and tricks with the best magicians on the scene.

But what exactly is a magic salon?

Danny said: “It’s basically a magic chat show. I called it a magic salon because a salon is where people gather to talk and there’s a host, which is me, but I regret the name totally now. I’m massively pretentious and salons are quite pretentious so I thought it would be great, but I always have to explain what it means.

“The audience come in and I get three of the best magicians in the country, magicians you usually won’t get to see live because they're so in demand, they’re all brilliant.

As well as performing breathtaking magic tricks, Danny will also get into their heads as he picks their brain after their performance.

He said: “They do about ten or 15 minutes on stage then they come and sit down with me and I interview them about themselves and their lives. The audience get to ask questions. It’s a really fascinating and interesting event.”

The talented magicians who will be taking to the stage on Saturday are Laura London, Andi Gladwin and Luke Jermay.

“We’ve had James Freedman on before who is now in the West End and this time we’ve got Laura, who is doing some amazing new stuff for this show. Andi is really funny and does the most geeky, wonderful stuff.

“Luke has done loads of work with Derren Brown on his big shows, so it’s the closest you could get to seeing Derren Brown, without actually seeing him.”

Danny’s show at Norden Farm will be his seventh Magic Salon and he can’t wait to get on the stage.

“Norden Farm is the smallest venue we have done yet and it’s perfect for this show. It’s a close up magic show in a theatre environment which is really nice. When you’re as close as you can get it’s a really crazy atmosphere. We always get a really good audience at these shows.”

The professional comedian has entertained audiences all over the world, even entertaining troops in Bosnia, The Falkland Islands and Ireland.

“I did that about seven or eight years ago. I went to Belfast, which was really bizarre. With the other countries, I knew I was far away but with Ireland, it was only about an hour away but I was being brought in in a helicopter and going through military checks. It was a really weird experience but it was very rewarding.

“It was a really good gig but the best part about it was after the show. I was with Mick Monroe and he really was the best person for this kind of job. After we had done the gig, we spent hours entertaining people in the bar. It was amazing.” 

Danny admits he has always been interested in magic and began his career in the 90s, working the shop floor at Harrods.

He said: “I was a boy magician and I used to do tricks for my mates but then I got into stand up comedy. I always loved magic so I wanted to combine the two, which I think I have done with this show.

“I also do comedy clubs and shows and writing for Disney, which is a buzz. I'm working towards the Edinburgh Festival as well, I love that

“I love performing, I don’t care where it is, I just love it. I think we all have that something that we are just supposed to do in life, something we are here for. The trick of life is finding out what that is.”

Despite his love for his job, he admits he can get nervous going on stage sometimes.

“I do get nervous sometimes, but it’s a nervous excitement now rather than nervous terrified. I just do it now and get on with it, but I used to be terrified.

“The thing with comedy is, you have to learn it in public. You have to learn it in front of people and you have to fail in front of people, which isn’t easy. But I think I finally know what I'm doing now.”

Danny believes the comedy circuit is going through a process of reinvention and admits it has been tough for some comedians on the scene.

He said: “I have no hopes anymore, I can’t think like that because you could get disappointed very easily. I'm just going to see what happens next. I’d really like this show to take off.

“I think the comedy circuit is reinventing itself and it’s proving quite hard on some people. I think there’s a lot of audience apathy.

“I hope my show could change that because it’s something a bit different.”

Danny Buckler’s Magic Salon comes to Norden Farm in Altwood Road, Maidenhead, on Saturday, June 27.

Tickets are £12, available online at or by calling the ticket office on on 01628 788997.