Rita Carpenter went along to review the Lane End Players' latest production, Super Sounds of the 70s. 

Following their successful production Sounds of the 60’s the Lane End Players once again delighted their audience with this year’s summer show.

From the opening number to the finale and everything in between the performers seemed to be having as much fun as the audience who enthusiastically clapped and sang along to the music.

Brilliantly directed and produced by To Everitt. James Wood made a very impressive Dr. Who, one of the many roles he played.

The live band comprising Pete Stokes, Dave Bowden, Mike Benbow and Mike Watson with a stunning guitar solo from Dave Bowden.

To add to the enjoyment memories of the 70’s from films to television shows were projected onto a screen above and to the right and of the stage. There was much laughter with the introduction of the Two Ronnie’s Sketch and the depiction of Star Wars and Jaws to name just a couple of the many clever interpretations.

The singing was great with some pleasing harmonies and the bright multi-coloured costumes demonstrated the era perfectly.

Much of the dancing was free style but there was a cleverly choreographed routine from the front row of the performers at one stage.

Sound designer and operator Tom Sims with Andrew Medhurst on follow spot enhanced the performance Stephan Medhurst was sound designer and operator which he faultlessly performed.

The group offered a most impressive rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody not an easy one to do but performed with style and the collection of songs from Abba went down well.

The whole evening passed by in a flash and sent the audience out on a ‘high’.  Well done Lane End Players, I look forward to your next production ‘Daisy Pulls it Off’ coming in October.

Visit www.laneendplayers.com for more details of upcoming shows.