This week Conservative MP for Buckingham, John Bercow, writes to Bucks Free Press readers...

Parliament is settling down again, after its return following the general election. As is always the case, along with the familiar names, there are plenty of new ones to learn.

No two Parliaments are the same, and it is always exciting at the beginning to try and see how colleagues – old and new – are going to set the tone for the next couple of years.

Meanwhile, it is the summer fete season in the Buckingham constituency.

After the general election period (which was characterised with less horizontal rain than I’ve come to expect as typical), the weather seems to have taken a change for the warmer.

In the coming weeks, I am anticipating attending events in Cheddington, Pitstone and Maids Moreton, to name just a few.

I always enjoy these gatherings as it is a way to chat to Buckingham constituency residents about local issues or, indeed, just have a gossip, in a more relaxed setting than a formal meeting allows.

I had my first surgery of the Parliament last Friday, and it will be the first of many.

It feels good to be back in the swing of things, and I hope to have the opportunity to catch up with readers of this column whilst I am out and about in the coming weeks and months.