High Wycombe musician Oliver Coates will be releasing his EP in September.

The 26-year-old singer songwriter will release his EP after devoting the last three months to perfecting it.

The EP, initially scheduled to be released in August, will now be pushed back to September 25 due to a tour being planned for this autumn.

Coates explained his love for music, he said: “I’ve never done anything else; my dad always had music on when I was young. I’ve grown up around music.”

At the age of 12, Coates taught himself to play the guitar. He said: “My friends were talking about it at school, and I enjoyed it so I picked it up quickly. I then started to write songs which made my friends laugh, and then went on to create a band from there.”

Starting as a guitarist and song writer, Coates rather fell into singing. The down-to-earth musician said: “I never fancied myself as a singer, but couldn’t find one so did it be default! I want to write songs I am proud of. The key point is I want to improve every day.”

Earlier this year, Coates met drummer Toby Pilcher and they started working together. Coates said: “I’ve played a lot of gigs at Bucks New University and I met him through that. Having a drummer on board is essential; it completes the act on stage. What he brings in terms of the production side is amazing as well.”

Coates does have ambitions in the world of music, but he is keeping his feet on the ground. He said: “I’m incredibly happy with that I do. I get to get up every day and play the guitar. I would be lying if I didn’t say I wanted to headline my own shows and sell out venues, but I think if you aren’t happy at this stage, then you won’t be happy later.”

Coates has an upcoming headline show on 11 September at Smiths, Spitalfields, London. Advance tickets are £6.

You can also find out more about Coates and listen to some of his music here: http://falconcityrecords.com/Coates/index.html