A car which crashed into an broadband exchange has left houses in Bourne End without internet for almost a week, residents say.

Residents say they are outraged after being disconnected for so long, and angry signs have been left at the spot after the vehicle smashed into the cabinet on Cores End Road on Wednesday last week.

The box was completely destroyed and resulted in the loss of internet for homes in the area. It is not yet clear how many homes are affected.

Residents have expressed distress towards the lack of clarity on the issue, William Riley of Bourne End claiming he spent almost three hours on the phone to BT on Thursday in an attempt to rectify the problem.

Resident Andy Moore said he was promised compensation and has had continuous reassurances over past week from BT that the cabinet would be fixed as soon as possible.

However, BT has told the Bucks Free press that the issue was only reported to them this morning.

Unhappy at the time it has taken to reconnect his broadband, Mr Moore said: “I will be leaving BT as soon as my compensation comes through.”