This week's regular is Holmer Green resident Pete Holmes who drinks in The Beech Tree, Amersham Road, High Wycombe. 

Why do you come to this pub?

My daughter lives about half a mile up the road so it is convenient to call in when we’re passing. I really like the place, like the staff, it has a good ambience and is very comfortable.

What is better about this pub, compared to others?

It’s just a bit more relaxed.

They serve with a smile and the place has a good feel about it. The food is very nice.

Who do you normally come here with?

My wife, Vera.

How often do you come here?

About two or three times a week.

Do you have a favourite place to sit?

I don’t mind.

Do you have a favourite drink?

I drink Strongbow and Vera has a Chardonnay.

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