An angry mother said she was ‘spitting blood’ this morning after a film crew descended on a village car park without permission, causing chaos for hundreds of drivers in rush hour.

A crew filming for the third Bridget Jones movie turned up with dozens of trailers and trucks at the Link Road car park in Great Missenden this morning, but Chiltern District Council confirmed they did not give them permission to be there.

Crews are filming today in Ballinger, a small village near Great Missenden.

An annoyed parent, who did not want to be named, said the roads had been ‘gridlocked’ because of the film crew and their arrival had infuriated parents who have been using the car park to leave their cars in before walking their children to school for ‘Walk to School’ week in the village.  

She said: “Apparently they are filming for the new Bridget Jones movie. I heard they were supposed to be filming in a field in Hyde Heath but the trailers sunk in mud, so they moved here.

“They have taken up the whole car park. No one could get in, no one could turn around in the car park, it was complete chaos. The whole of Great Missenden was congested at 8am.

Bucks Free Press:

Picture by ARM Images.

“It is Walk to School week and parents have been trying to encourage their children to walk to school. It is very important to get kids to walk but it has been made very difficult because parents have had nowhere to park. I use the car park every day so I can walk my children up to the school.

“They should have given people notice. It has stopped the children being able to walk to school safely. The crew have been apologising to people but it is incredibly frustrating.”

Emily Deimbacher, Sixth Form pupil at the Misbourne School said the filming is believed to be taking place in a residential property in the village.

She said: “The car park was rammed with coaches and buses. The lines of cars and the film industry transport cars that were in the car park have brought great excitement to the people of Great Missenden.

“Although the location of the house is not public knowledge, for a small town like this, the chance to be a part of a large film such as this is incredible.”

Bucks Free Press:

Pictures by Emily Deimbacher. 

Chiltern District Council has confirmed that the crew were not given permission to use the Link Road car park and that police were involved.

A Chiltern District Council spokesman said: “We can confirm that no permission was given for the film trucks to go on the Link Road car park and are aware of the disruption their action has caused people wishing to use it,  particularly in Walk to School week.

“The company has been instructed to leave the car park and we understand the police are assisting by helping the film company relocate to a more appropriate site.  

“This is a well-used car park and we regret that users have been put to such inconvenience, but repeat that we received no request and gave no permission for this public facility to be used in this way.”

The production company has been approached for comment.