Steve Baker has hit back at claims he is a “part-time MP” by saying he works every hour of the day to support his constituents as well as challenge the government over the European Union.

The Wycombe MP was criticised by Labour councillor and former town mayor Cllr Khalil Ahmed last week, who claimed the Conservative was more interested in pursuing an EU referendum than dealing with matters closer to home.

However, Mr Baker – who is co-chairman of the Conservatives for Britain group – said the claims were unfounded and he continues to work for people from the district.

He said: “Well, it’s a silly comment. It’s exactly the sort of thing you would expect your opponent to say, but it doesn’t mean it’s sensible.

“The reality is I’m just working extremely long days in order to get everything done.

“On Monday I was on the radio in London at 7am and then I was on Newsnight until about 11pm and I did a repeat of those sorts of hours on Tuesday.”

Cllr Ahmed made the comments when discussing a petition to home 50 refugee families in Wycombe.

At the time he said: “We now have an uncaring Leader of WDC [Wycombe District Councillor, Cllr Katrina Wood] and a part-time MP.”

However, Mr Baker refutes the claim and says he is busy, but is always keen to work with his constituents.

He said: “We help about a 1,000 people every year with difficult case work. I’m at my constituents’ service and I’m very glad to hear from people.

“The reality is I work on all subjects that are of interest to my constituents and remember if I were a minster I would spend most of my week working in ministerial office.

“Between the European Union, the Treasury Select Committee, my work on health, my work on other prosperity issues, my work on what I call right relationships, I’m a very busy person and I’m glad to be.

“But, somebody needs to lead the Conservative element of the campaign of the European Union - I’m glad to do it.

“I think it’s in the country and the public’s best interest that it’s done professionally.”

In recent weeks support for C4B appears to have grown with Mr Baker confirming that he is now working closely with the “Vote Leave” campaign.

He said: “Until we’ve actually seen the deal that the Prime Minister secures, for almost all thoughtful colleagues all we can do is to start the argument in order to help people make a decision - and that includes me.

“I’m determined that we should end the supremacy of EU law and I have no reason to believe that that will be permitted, and therefore I am currently involved with building the campaign to leave.”