Beaconsfield commuters and rail groups are predicting overcrowding on the trains when ‘major’ changes are made to the Chiltern Railways timetable on Monday.

The introduction of a new timetable coincides with the opening of the £130million ‘groundbreaking’ line between Oxford Parkway and London Marylebone on October 26.

Some features of the new timetable include scrapping the 7.40 Gerrards Cross to Marylebone service, leaving passengers to catch the 7.49 to London, which will be formed of seven carriages instead of five.

The popular 7.15 service from Beaconsfield has also been axed, causing outrage among commuters.

Beaconsfield resident Sarah McKelvey, who works in central London, said the trains are already ‘rammed’ in the mornings and thinks it will be even harder to get a seat in the morning rush hour with the new timetable.

She said: “A lot of commuters go through Beaconsfield every day. Reducing the trains would limit space even more. Trains are not very regular as it is both in and out of London, even at rush hour so I believe this would affect people getting home and being able to pick up their kids from school on time or may have an effect on their jobs.

“London underground services are a nightmare at rush hour already. So by packing more people into less trains will cause a backlog to the underground which may cause injuries.”

Nick Leake, from the Marylebone Travellers Association (MTA), who were consulted on the proposed changes said the group are concerned about passengers being unable to get a seat and hope commuters will feed back information for them to suggest at the next update – likely to be in May 2016.

He said: “We are very concerned that there may be a reduction in services in terms of seat availability from the stations we represent (Denham to High Wycombe), however the changes are so major it is impossible to know how things will work out.

“Part of the outcome will depend on the popularity of the new Oxford services. We expect them to be very popular and consequently for there to be less available seats for commuters from the heartlands.

“Chiltern Railways have increased the number of carriages on all the main morning trains we expect to be busy and we expect there to be some weeks of variably busy trains as regular commuters adjust to the new timetable.”

Emma Gascoigne, from Chiltern Railways, reassured commuters that there will be no less trains in the morning peak time but advised customers to check before they travel.

She said: “Whilst Beaconsfield continues to have the same amount of trains operating in the morning peak, there is not a service at 0715 from Monday, October 25.

“However, we have added extra capacity on the popular 0703, 0743 and 0806 to provide customers with capacity when they need it and the 0720 is still available.”