HE MAY have solved murders in the hit TV show Cracker, but actor Robbie Coltrane could have his work cut out after being assigned to investigate Wycombe's bizarre mayor making ceremony.

The acting giant, best known for his role as Fitz in the ITV drama, is set to attend the ancient ceremony today as part of a new television show exploring the weird and wonderful ways of British rural life.

The programme, called Robbie Coltrane's Incredible Britain, sees the Harry Potter and James Bond star travelling on B roads in a classic 1950s red car, trying to expose the true essence of Britain.

And one of the locations he is due to stop at is Frogmoor in High Wycombe where he will observe the weighing-in of the town's new mayor, Cllr Val Razzaq (Con, Booker & Cressex).

The ceremony, hosted by the town's Charter Trustees, is set to take place around 12pm and will see outgoing mayor, Cllr Darren Hayday, also weighed.

John Clark, 67, town clerk of Wycombe's Charter Trustees, said: "I think it is excellent because Robbie is a very well-known chap and he speaks about things as they are.

"It should be a great programme and will in turn raise the profile of High Wycombe and the ancient traditions and customs which is superb."

The tradition dates back to 1678 and was to ensure officials didn't gain weight at the expense of the public purse. The programme is currently in production and Robbie's road journey will see him travel between London and Glasgow, stopping at various areas along the way. The show is being produced by IWC Media.

Hamish Barbour, the company's creative director, said: "We're very excited to be working with Robbie on this series.

"At the wheel of a beautiful, but somewhat unreliable 1950s car, who knows where we'll get to on the way from London to Scotland?

"But one thing is for sure - Robbie is going to be packing his toolkit and boilersuit -he's going to need them."

The ceremony takes place near the Chilterns Shopping centre and is open to the public.