South Bucks could be set for the worst winter in as experts predict the temperature to drop to cause a series of snow storms throughout December.

Forecasters have issued an early warnings for heavy snow throughout the UK over the winter months and urge people not to be lulled into a false sense of security by the current warm weather seen through November.

Emergency services have been told to prepare for Arctic blasts and a winter that will rival that of 1962/63.

Gritting teams across Bucks are already preparing for their first trip out and will monitor road temperatures as the mercury begins to dip.

The county council has stocked up on grit, with around 10,500 tonnes stored in fully-stocked salt barns across the county for use on the 891 miles of ‘primary’ routes when required.

National reports say the weather is likely to have worsen due to the plunging temperatures of the Atlantic and conditions allowing cold air to pour in from the North Pole.

After two mild winters it is likely that the country will not be prepared for snow and transport systems will grind to a halt, particularly in the south east.

It follows a relatively mild winter last year for south Bucks, with only isolated dustings of snow.

Mark Shaw, BCC’s cabinet member for Transport, said: “After last year's relatively mild and wet winter, we're prepared for all conditions once again this season.

“The wealth of experience and knowledge within our winter teams fills me with confidence that we can deliver a top notch service to keep our roads as safe and secure as possible.

“We must remember, however, that salt is not a cure-all substance, and I'd encourage residents all to check that vehicles are ready for the cold weather, and remember to always drive to the conditions of the road.”

Winter driving workshops are taking place across the county during November and December to enable road users to brush up their skills when driving in difficult weather conditions.

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