Standing should-to-shoulder, hundreds of people from different faiths and backgrounds joined together to remember those who lost their lives in the Paris massacre at the weekend.

Across two vigils on Friday and Sunday, the people of Wycombe came out in their hundreds as a sign of unity and solidarity with each other and those involved in the horrific terror attack.

A candlelit vigil was first held outside the Wycombe District Council offices on Friday night as people took the opportunity to reflect on the events of the previous week and speak about how it should not be allowed to ruin community harmony.

And, in a poignant ceremony at All Saints Church on Sunday, members of the Christian and Muslim faiths were both involved in an afternoon of prayer and condolences.

Bucks Free Press:

During the ceremony, Revd. Hugh Ellis, the vicar of All Saints, stood side-by-side at the lectern of his church with Imam Sultan Mahmood, Imam of the Totteridge Road Mosque, in what was described by the Council for Christian Muslim Relations as a “courageous” and “monumental” first for the town.