Keen cyclists could soon be able to chain their bikes in Beaconsfield Old Town as the town council look at allowing new bicycle racks to be installed.

Councillors on the open spaces committee are considering a request from Beaconsfield Cycle Path Action Group (BCP) for permission to fit three or four bicycle racks on the corner of Wycombe End and Aylesbury End, by the benches next to Market Square.

The racks, which would cost around £275 and hold two bikes each, would be funded by the BCP as part of their initiative to get more people into cycling.

Belinda Avery, of BCP said the cycle racks are the “tip of the iceberg” in what they are trying to achieve in the town.

She said: “Cycle racks is a small part of what we are trying to do, we want to promote cycle paths in the town and have them resurfaced.

“Eventually we want to link all seven schools in Beaconsfield with the churches, the community centres and sports club to get more people on their bikes and off the roads.

“We are really pressing for these cycle racks. They are quite attractive. We have a limited amount of money, probably for around ten racks, but once people see them they might actually decide they want to start cycling.

“We are very active. We are trying to promote cycling and sustainable transport throughout the town.”

Map showing where the Old Town bicycle racks would be situated.

As well as the potential for new cycle racks in the Old Town, coffee shop Smith and Kittle in Station Road has agreed to install one on their land “subject to space” and High March School are also interested in having more on their site.

Mrs Avery said: “We have two businesses in Beaconsfield that have agreed to have these on their own land, but we would like to promote them throughout the town wherever suitable.

“We have cycle racks already at High March but we want to incorporate these more attractive racks. I think we would start with having them on school land but visible from passers-by on the road.”

Cllr Alex Dunlop, a keen cyclist, was in favour of the progressing with the plans.

He said: “Cycling is a big thing, especially around Beaconsfield and a lot of cyclists meet on a Saturday in the New Town.

“A lack of cycle racks is a problem, I cycle a lot and it is nice to have places where you can chain your bike.”

Cllr Philip Bastiman, chair of the committee, was concerned that the cycle racks may get in the way of pedestrians.

He said: “People park quite close to the benches, so if you have a large cycle rack next to them you are basically pushing people off the pavement.

“When there is a bike on it, I don’t know whether that would take up a lot of space.”

Councillors on the committee agreed that they were happy to progress with the idea, “subject to design” and permission.