English Defence League members will protest in High Wycombe next month after saying the Home Counties have become the home to “Islamic terrorism”.

UPDATE: Muslim community figure labels EDL High Wycombe protest as 'nonsensical'.

The street protesters have targeted High Wycombe it a bid to tackle what they have called an “attack” by radical Islam on what they see as their English heritage.

The controversial group have attempted to reassure business owners and residents that the parade on Saturday, April 9, will be non-violent.

Last year, EDL members held eight marches across the UK, including one in Aylesbury.

There was a large police presence in the town on the day and extra patrols are expected in High Wycombe during the planned visit.

Organisers said: “The English Defence League is non-violent and High Wycombe businesses can remain open and operating normally on April 9.

“In Aylesbury last year we walked beside market stalls and past open shops; shoppers paused to wave us encouragement, shop staff came out to photograph us from doorways: curious and interested, but not anxious in any way.”

The High Wycombe march will be the second EDL-organised event of 2016.

Ahead of the protest, the EDL has released information pinpointing what is describes as “links to terrorism” from High Wycombe.

Members wrote about the likes of Omar Hussain who left the town to join Isis and former Wooburn Green schoolboy Thomas Evans who was killed last year while fighting for Al-Shabaab.

There has been no official statements from community leaders following the announcement.

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