A leading figure in the High Wycombe Muslim community has labelled the English Defence League’s planned protest in the town as “nonsensical”.

The street protesters announced they would march in High Wycombe on April 9 in a bid to tackle what they have called an “attack” by radical Islam on what they see as their English heritage.

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However, a well-known Muslim community leader from the town has hit back at the “totally flawed” comments saying the community is against extremism, from Islamic to right wing movements like the EDL.

Mohammed Khaliel, director of community relations organisation Islamix, said: “The EDL are welcome to make a peaceful protest in our lovely leafy area and engage with the community.

“However as a united community we abhor extremism in any form, whether it be Islamic extremism like ISIS or right wing extremism such as BNP, EDL and Britain First.”

Ahead of the protest, the EDL has released information pinpointing what is describes as “links to terrorism” from High Wycombe.

Organisers highlighted what they described as radicalisation in the town, historic cases of abuse and terrorism.

However, Mr Khaliel, who is also a Met Police advisor, has reacted angrily to the claims.

He said: “The basis on which the EDL are protesting in High Wycombe is nonsensical and totally flawed, both the police and community worked together to bring criminals to justice, that includes sexual abuse and extremism cases.”

Last year, EDL members held eight marches across the UK, including one in Aylesbury.