This week Conservative MP for Amersham and Chesham, Cheryl Gillan, writes to Bucks Free Press readers...

Here in Thames Valley our police force do a wonderful job in tackling crime and above all in keeping us all safe.

Criminals are constantly changing the way in which they operate, but our police are always there to meet all the complex threats posed to society and to protect residents.

It is a sad reality that the more we know about the world, the more we also know about the possible crimes which could affect us, our homes or the places where we work.

The perception of crime can exist despite the actuality of how likely it is that we could be subject to a crime.

But we should never allow our worries about crime to stop us living a life where we don’t feel safe at home, or when we are out and about.

Across the UK, crime has been falling. Anthony Stansfeld, the Police and Crime Commissioner for the Thames Valley, said, when setting out the priorities for policing in the Police and Crime Plan, “The crime figures for the Thames Valley have shown significant reductions in most areas of crime.”

Priority 1 in this five year plan is to cut the level of domestic burglary. In another recent report, Mr Stansfeld said that household burglary rates are at a 43 year low. In major towns the rate of burglaries has fallen by nearly 50 per cent.

Our police service has had to face the same pressure on its budget as other public services, but, by talking to local people about the priorities for policing, then delivering the service efficiently and effectively, the police are working hard to keep us all safe and secure.