A notorious Isis recruit from High Wycombe is reportedly using Facebook to encourage people to carry out terrorist attacks in the UK.

Jihadist Omar Hussain, who is believed to have fled to Syria from the town in 2013, is allegedly leading a campaign to lure new recruits and persuade them to act in the name of Isis.

The former Morrisons supermarket worker declared the UK to be “a land of war” on a post after creating a new social media account, according to the Daily Mirror.

According to national reports, he said: “The UK (and the west generally) is in fact at WAR with Islam and the Muslims, as is attested to by the thousands of bombs that have been dropped in Muslim lands and the thousands of brothers they have locked up for no reason other than their love for the return of the Shari’ah.

“Anyone who believes the West is at peace with Muslims has not understood the concept of brotherhood or he lacks knowledge of the reality (whether intentionally or arrogantly).”

The former Cressex Community School student first rose to notoriety after appearing via video link on BBC’s Newsnight, where he claimed he would only return to the UK to “plant a bomb”.

He has regularly appeared in Isis propaganda messages before and in September 2015 was officially blocked by the UN from ever returning to the country.

Bucks Free Press:

Omar Hussain used to work at Morrisons supermarket in High Wycombe.

Hussain, who uses the name Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani, also slammed refugees fleeing war-torn Syria.

He reportedly wrote: “Anyone who flees from Dar Al-Islam to Dar Al-Kufr has committed a major sin.

“These refugees who flee to Europe and elsewhere have NO RESPECT in the eyes of the Syrians who chose to remain in Dar Al-Islam.

“They abandoned Dar Al-Islam & they abandoned jihad... Such men deserve no respect whatsoever.”

Hussain has become well known for his social media outbursts and in the last year he has written about his “lonely” life in Syria, publishing lengthy blog posts about his boredom.