A new stage version of Sister Act, “a divine musical comedy”, is soon going on UK tour. But before the big theatres get in on the act, BOS Musical Theatre puts on its own version this week in Beaconsfield, writes Sandra Carter.

If you’ve seen the film, with the lead role defined so memorably by Whoopi Goldberg, you might fear that no local am-dram group could do it justice. But, my, this is a delightful show.

It may lack the scenery and big names of the originals, but BOS put so much creativity and energy into it that the audience on Wednesday’s first night was wowed with delight. So no sets, few props, but that’s no problem as the cast fill the stage with non-stop action, and clever lighting create visual variety.

Hayley White, playing larger-than-life worldly-wise Deloris, is brilliant with a wonderfully powerful voice and energetic presence which entrance the nuns. Lucy Russell plays a strong but dismayed Mother Superior equally well, another fine voice.

And then, those nuns: winsome all of them. Varying in age and style as any convent group must be, they delight with their transformation from hopelessly quivering voices singing Mass to a blend of high-energy disco, funk and jazz.

The baddies are suitably bad and funny while the lovelorn loser cop Eddie is played winsomely by Tim Minshull. And they all cope with their American accents pretty well – plus Paul Kallipetis as Monsignor O’Hara sporting a lovely Irish brogue.

The costumes are sparkling, with lots of changes – busy wardrobe then – and the orchestra is excellent. There’s certainly talent in Beaconsfield.

Sister Act continues until Saturday March 19 at the Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield. Box office 01494 813518, www.bosopera.com.