This walk combines beautiful scenery with eye-catching buildings and much historical interest.

The route takes you through ancient beech woodlands and through the common land around Nettlebed which used to be a major centre for brick, tile and pottery manufacture from medieval times thanks to its rich bed of clay and plentiful supply of firewood and springwater.

Distance: 2½ miles (allow 1½ hours)

Start: The Old Kiln, Nettlebed Village. There is parking around the village green near the kiln. Regular bus service from Henley.

Access Information: There are a few hilly sections on this walk, though over half the walk is level. There is one moderate downhill along Bushes Lane and a long steady downhill along Mill Road (surfaced). There is a moderate climb up Windmill towards the end of the walk. Start the walk at the Old Kiln, a historic landmark in the village. Apart from the old clay workings on Nettlebed Common, the only evidence of a one-time flourishing industry is this 18th century bottle kiln which would have fired up to 18,000 bricks at a time.

Walk along Nettlebed High Street, looking out for the many 18th century houses faced with the local brick. Go past the White Hart Hotel on your right until you reach St Bartholomew Church on your left.

Turn right along a footpath which climbs gently uphill past the allotments and up to the B481 Watlington Road. Turn immediately left down Bushes Lane byway.

Follow the byway until it becomes a surfaced lane and shortly after turn right to follow a footpath through Copse Wood indicated by white arrows on the trees.When you reach a no entry sign, turn right and continue to follow the white arrows.

The path emerges on the B481; cross over with care and turn left for about 150m until you reach a footpath on your right. Follow this path through an avenue of beech trees, an ancient boundary bank. When you reach an unsurfaced road turn left then shortly right and continue along the narrow path which follows the fenceline on your left. This will bring you out by a couple of houses and another unsurfaced road. Follow the road,

ignoring unmarked paths on your left and, after about 200 metres, turn left along a footpath, following the white arrows through the woods.

This will bring you out on Mill Road; turn right and follow the lane downhill to the B481. Turn left to return to the High Street and the green.