This month BFP chief reporter Andrew Colley hit the road, putting Wycombe’s car park payment system under the microscope.

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Driving into some of High Wycombe’s multi-storeys, there was little indication that this expensive system would be problematic.

The busy Wycombe Swan and Easton Street car parks were first on the list and the only challenge appeared to be finding a space in the congested town centre.

After waiting for about two hours in each car park – which should set drivers back about £1.50 per visit – we risked driving out and avoiding payment.

While fully expecting a fine to land on the BFP news desk within days, almost five weeks later, the system is yet to catch up with us, despite assertions that fines are issued within 10 days.

The limitations of this £680,000 system does not end there, however. On numerous occasions, people are faced with a moral dilemma when a message tells them their car number plate was not recognised by the system.

Bucks Free Press:

It then asks the driver to enter the time they arrived – how many people will be honest and tell the correct time?

Security concerns have also been raised with vandals repeatedly targeting the machine, stealing about £49,000 in the last year and causing a further £110,000 in damages.

The BFP has attempted to expose the flaws in the system with the taxpayer in mind, even if Wycombe District Council appears to be happy to continue with a less-than-satisfactory parking system.

Despite its faults, we have now sent the council £4 in the post to cover the cost of the skipped ticket payment to ensure you, our readers, are not out of pocket.