Riot police could be called in when 1,000 protesters hit the streets in High Wycombe next weekend as part of an EDL demonstration.

Police officers carrying shields, mounted horse patrols, dog units and a helicopter are all expected to be used in the largescale operation, with officers now moving to reassure the public over what they hope will be a peaceful protest.

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Yesterday, it was revealed that more than 1,000 people would be involved in the demonstration on Saturday, April 9, and contingency plans have been put in place in case the planned “peaceful” protest turns violent.

Speaking about the huge police resources required on the day, Wycombe policing area commander, superintendent Ed McLean, said: “You’ll have public order officers, the ones you’ll see with shields and other various bits if that were required.

“They are able to respond to a really peaceful protest to a violent protest.

“There is likely to be mounted horses here, there are likely to be dogs, there will be uniformed officers, PCSOs, it is possible the helicopter may be here, so there will be all sorts of resources here so that we will be able to manage the situation out there.”

He added: “Sat outside of it there will be an investigative team, having officers to deal with any crimes associated with it [the protest], or any criminality that happens and they will pick up any incidents long term.”

During a briefing at High Wycombe Police Station yesterday, officers revealed that nine anti-EDL groups have already signed up to hold a counter demonstration.