A "kind" and "polite" Bucks New University student hanged herself with her dressing gown cord in her room, an inquest heard today.

Catrin Elvy, 19, was found dead by the emergency services at her university accommodation, Dralda House in Crendon Street, on Friday, January 22 this year.

Oliver Bradbury, her boyfriend of just over a year and a half and a fellow student at Bucks New University, said they had gone out to the student union with friends on Wednesday, January 20 but he had decided to leave at around 1.30am when he saw her talking to some boys.

After he left, he told how Miss Elvy followed and asked him to stay, but he said he did not want to talk.

Describing the events of the evening, he said: “I was a bit drunk. I just left without even thinking she had noticed me. I wanted to sleep it off. We parted ways at McDonalds in the town centre, I didn’t have any concerns about her walking home, I knew she wouldn’t be alone.”

After trying to get in touch with her the next day (Thursday), Mr Bradbury, who said his relationship with Miss Elvy was “rocky towards the end”, started to panic when he could not get hold of her.

He said: “It was very odd that she would not answer her phone or texts. I asked the girls she lived with [on Friday] to knock on her door to see if she was there. They said the light was on but she didn’t answer.”

It was on Friday that Mr Bradbury was told by police at the scene that his girlfriend had died.  

He told the inquest, at Buckinghamshire Coroner's Court this afternoon, how Miss Elvy had told him she had self-harmed in a similar way before, but said it “did not cross my mind” that she would do something to hurt herself.

He said: “I thought it was a cry for attention. I knew she had her demons but I never expected her to have that in her mind. I didn’t think she would go through with something like that.”

DC Suzie Price, CID at High Wycombe, said South Central Ambulance called police to the scene on January 22 and said there were no signs of “foul play” or any notes.

Reading the pathology report, Piers Burnell, coroner’s officer, said CCTV in her building showed Miss Elvy walking “with purpose” to her room at around 1.57am and “felt that Catrin did not want to be seen” by any of her flatmates after the incident at the student union.

He also said that Miss Elvy did not appear to have problems at university or any “financial concerns.”

Anne Davies, assistant coroner, said there was “no indication” of any notes suggesting Miss Elvy wanted to take her own life.

She said: “I have thought about this numerous times and cannot reach a conclusion. I am at a loss to understand why a young woman with so much going for her would take her own life.

“It could have been an experiment that went wrong or a cry for help that wasn’t found in time, or a self-harm that went tragically over the top.

“I don’t think we could ever reach a conclusion. This has been a distressing incident for everyone concerned.”

Bucks New University pay tribute to “kind” and “polite” student

The vice-chancellor of Bucks New University, Professor Rebecca Bunting, has paid tribute to Miss Elvy following her death, and said she will be “sadly missed.”

She said: “The University community was saddened by the death of Catrin Elvy and we offer our sincere sympathy to Catrin’s family, friends and fellow students.

“Catrin was known by her tutors to be a polite, kind and conscientious student who was a pleasure to teach and took her work very seriously. She will be remembered as a reflective individual with a keen mind and a sharp eye for detail.

 “Those who taught and studied with Catrin remember her as a good team player who worked well with her fellow students and always made a valuable contribution.

“Her ability to develop intellectual debate, along with her careful consideration for others, will not be forgotten. Catrin was also an active member of the Students’ Union.

“Students and staff recently attended a Remembrance service for Catrin who will be sadly missed.”

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