Royal Windsor’s artist in residence spends her painting her second passion, horses, with somewhat unusual media.

Renowned British equine artist, Elizabeth Armstrong, 68, tells me how the two have always been a part of her life: “Art was always a big part of my life as my dad was an architect and used to give me pocket money to colour in all his plans for his work.

“I was a very creative child, making plaster of Paris moulds, painting them and selling them outside my house for charity and putting on pet shows and making all the rosettes for the prizes, all for Dr Barnardo’s.”

Her creative skills seem to have made her quite savvy, also finding a way to benefit from her other hobby: “My mum used to drop me of at nearby stables in the school holidays where I’d help out for free riding lessons.”

Surprisingly, however, it was some time after completing her degree in painting, textiles and embroidery at Goldsmiths University that she began to combine these two interests.

“After completing my degree and moving up north I became dissatisfied with life in England, so I trained myself to do portraits of people and left for foreign shores.

“France first, then Spain, where I set up a trekking centre with a girlfriend in the north of Spain. It taught me self-discipline, determination and social skills. In my spare time, I would sketch the horses in my lunch hour.”

Upon returning to the UK, Elizabeth became very successful, displaying her work and undertaking commissions all over the country and then becoming artist in residence at Windsor in 2012.

“My residency at Royal Windsor Race Course involves being part of a fantastic team, headed by Stuart Dorm. I produce original art for the buildings at the venue and show my art on a regular basis under a lovely blue gazebo where I paint and chat to the public.

“I work in a variety of media, from horse rubber to coffee and tea, and the obvious ones like ink, watercolour, charcoal and oil pigment.

“I feel very privileged and happy to be able to paint and be near all the exciting racing and unique atmosphere in the summer evenings by the river Thames. This unique experience is well worth a visit.”

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