A woman who witnessed what she calls “horrific failings” while her mother was a resident at a failing care home has called for it to be closed down.

Jayne Connery says Buckingham House, on Oxford Road, Gerrards Cross - rated inadeauate in a recent inspection - “failed” her 79-year-old mother Helen, who has vascular dementia, in the six months that she was a resident there.

She claims to have found dirty, stained sheets left on her bed, dirty laundry piled in the room for days and that her mother was almost given two doses of medication in the same night.

In an emotional interview, Ms Connery told the Bucks Free Press: “Medication was left in the bathroom where [my mother] could get it. I was finding urine stained sheets when they told me the bed was made.

"Faeces on the floor, medication pots with medication still in it. The lid off the hand wash – my mum is like a child, she could have drunk that thinking it was a drink.

“This is a five star care home. It became a daily battle. I don’t and I didn’t blame the carers to a point. I found that there was very much a lack of management there. Carers were as exasperated by what was going on as the families.”

She also claims her mother was given medication twice one evening, until she intervened: “I said ‘three hours ago my mother was given her medication’ and she went off to the computer and said ‘I’m so sorry the nurses forgot to tick it off’ – how many other people had been overdosed that evening without realising?

“This shouldn’t be happening in our dementia care facilities and it is.”

As her mother’s care partner, Ms Connery said she was often at the care home at times when other visitors were not and saw issues with other residents, even recording two separate incidents on video – which the care home involved the police in.

One video shows an elderly gentleman crying for help for “at least 20 minutes” with no member of staff coming to help at around 6am one morning.

*Sound has been edited in some parts to protect the identity of the resident.

She said: "There was no carer and no nurse while he was shouting for help. He was on the floor sprawled out needing help. I eventually found a nurse strolling in the corridor. He went to hospital, he was hurt.”

The care home, part of the Maria Mallaband Care Group (MMCG), was rated inadequate and placed in special measures after a Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection in February, with the results published on April 12.

Inspectors found issues over medication had led to a resident being taken to hopsital.

An order has also been put on the home to restrict new admissions until improvements are made.

The dementia campaigner said the home should not be given “any second chances” and “strongly believes” it should be shut down.

Her mother left the care home on January 18 and moved in with Ms Connery and now has a 24-hour carer, but she said her mother leaving the care home was “bittersweet” as she felt “desperately sorry for those left behind.”

She is now campaigning for CCTV to be installed in every dementia care home and for national qualifications in dementia care to be introduced.

She said: “It’s not just Buckingham House. I don’t blame one carer, they were brilliant. It is not about them, it is about managers putting money over care.”

Bucks County Council confirmed it is “leading a multi-agency enquiry into alleged safeguarding incidents that occurred at Buckingham House” but could not comment further until the enquiry is completed.

Care home's response: 

Vicky Craddock, operations director at MMCG, said: "We are aware of Mrs Connery’s issues, concerns and the allegations that she has made. 

"They were investigated by us and by external agencies where appropriate. Also, action was taken where necessary." 

She added: "We note the comment regarding CCTV usage within care homes and welcome the ongoing national debate about this.

"Such a step could be very positive in that it would provide residents and families with the comfort they need to fully understand the care being given and also protect our staff from unfounded or misinformed allegations. 

"It is however a very complex issue and the debate continues."

The care home's statement previously made accusations against Ms Connery. Care home bosses have now issued an apology and clarified the matter by saying: "we do not believe the care and concern that you showed regarding Buckingham House was problematic."