Footage of a lollipop man being forced to dodge cars on a zebra crossing has emerged, with the road safety crusader taking to filming dangerous drivers after a series of near misses.

Walking across a road with a school crossing patrol officer on a zebra crossing should be the safest route for children and other pedestrians – but this shocking video might make you think twice.

Matt Streuli appears to have become a bright yellow and orange target for some motorists as they refuse to abide by one of the simplest driving laws.

Following a series of close shaves, Mr Streuli has now placed a camera on his lollipop stick and yesterday captured the moment a car came just feet away from hitting him as he stood in the middle of a pedestrian crossing in Iver Heath.

He said: “It's just so frustrating to see that 90 per cent use our roads safely, even stopping when I don't want them to.

“Yet, it's the 10 per cent who fail to stop or swerve round me or don't even let me get on the pavement.”

Bucks Free Press:

Do you recognise the driver? Call police if you have any information.

Since returning to his Slough Road post after the Easter holiday, Mr Streuli has reported six vehicles to Thames Valley Police, who are now investigating yesterday’s incident.

Mr Streuli, who is also a mental health blogger and chairman of the Iver Heath Drama Club, says he is worried that it will not be long before there is a serious accident.

He said: “Local parents have some real horror stories of cars speeding and failing to stop.

“I always patrol that zebra crossing. It's so dangerous at rush hour and even at 3pm people are too impatient.

“All it takes is a little one running out or getting distracted.

“Bizarrely the HGVs and Pinewood buses are the best behaved and always stop.”

He added: “The road is used as a rat run especially between Uxbridge, Cowley and Slough and the previous patroller had several incidents so I've attached a budget go-pro to my lollipop stick.”

Police are appealing for anyone with information about yesterday's incident to call 101.