A student from Amersham and Wycombe College is releasing a new single on Saturday.

James Mullally’s previous release, For The Night, charted at 54th place in the iTunes singer-songwriter chart.

The 19-year-old moved to Gerrards Cross from Chalfont St Giles five years ago. He tells me: “I can’t remember a time where music hasn’t been there. I’ve always been exposed to music as the radio was always on in my house, we listened to music in the car, my dad was in a band and most of my extended family have been musical.

“My parents listened to everything. My dad was massively into bands like The Police, my mum was into anything country related and they’d also listen to everything in-between. I believe the music I listen to and my own music style has been 100 per cent created from everything I heard growing up.

“There were always a couple of guitars in the house so that got me interested to start and when I was six I got my first classical guitar and started lessons.

“At the moment I’m enjoying all aspects of music from producing, writing and performing. Whatever I end up doing in the music industry, I’m striving to be the best that I can possibly be at it.”

The music production student tells me how when he was younger than he is now, he would aspire to be like specific musicians, like wanting to play guitar like Slash from Guns N’ Roses or, later, wanting to be as good a lyricist as Eminem.

He adds: “The only difference now is that I take inspiration from so many more places and use it to create my own style of music.

“My songwriting all comes from things I’ve experienced, but song wise I’m always listening out for sounds whether that be on the TV or hearing a car engine and pitching it in my head. My songs generally happen very quickly.

“Something could trigger an emotion or idea and all I have to do is get it onto paper or recorded on my phone, just something physical so it’s real.

“After that I’ll usually revisit it a day or so after and tighten everything up. This is happening two to three times at least a day.”

James will be performing his new single, Right in Front of Me, when he takes to the stage at the Norden Farm Centre for Arts this weekend.

James will be performing at Studio Sessions alongside other up-and-coming musicians from the surrounding area, including Beth Atkinson whose music has been heard on BBC Introducing Berkshire and Maidenhead regulars Tara Deane and Scott McLachlan.

Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Altwood Road, Maidenhead, SL6 4PF, Saturday, April 30, 8pm. Details: 01628 788997