An Aylesbury jazz group from Aylesbury are hoping to raise enough money to record their first album this summer.

The Cold Light Ensemble are combining their concert debut with a pop-up art exhibition at the Aylesbury Methodist Church today, April 30, to support their fundraising efforts.

Music teacher James Woodhall tells me why he decided to form the group: “I decided to form the Cold Light Ensemble, which fuses my jazz trio with a string quartet, so that I could compose regularly for a professional ensemble.

“I now need to record some of this music I’ve written for us so that I can send it to venues, promoters and industry contacts.

"The ensemble is a fantastic combination and creates all sorts of musical possibilities.

“The jazz/classical set up has allowed me to create music that is unique; it explores the boundaries of improvisation and composition, and draws on a wide range of influences from jazz like the Neil Cowley Trio to Bartok and Stravinsky and everything between.

"This is the most exciting project I’ve ever been involved with.”

For the last two summers James has been commissioned to write new musicals for the National Youth Summer Music Camps at the Stables, Milton Keynes.

His entry into the New Cobbett Prize was performed by the Berkeley Ensemble at the Forge in Camden and selected to be performed in the Grand Final in December 2014 where it was warmly praised by Sir Michael Berkeley.

Of his decision to combine their inaugural show with an exhibition James says: “As well as other music, I’m really inspired by visual art.

"This gave me the idea of presenting our concerts as pop-up art exhibitions.

“I hope this will mean that at our concerts there is something for everyone: art to look at while the music is playing, music to listen to while looking at art.”

More than £600 has been raised out of James’ £1,000 target, covering the cost of renting a recording studio, employing a producer and sound engineer, CD production and artwork.

However, James hopes that this weekend’s event will surpass the fundraising target as his current intention is to pay the musicians out of his own pocket, a demonstration of his dedication to his work.

“This is the best music I’ve written in my life. I would really like to share it with the world. I really believe that art, music and people’s generosity is what makes the world go around.”

A select amount of people who donate will receive thanks in individual forms, for example the first 20 people who donate £25 will receive a copy of the album with a personal thank you note, the first four people to donate £50 will receive a piano lesson or tutorial in musical composition. His gratitude continues to increase with the amount until £100, for which James is offering two people a free performance as a singer and pianist at an event of your choice.

Aylesbury Methodist Church and Centre, Buckingham Street, Aylesbury. HP20 2NQ, Saturday, April 30, 7pm. Details: 01296 426526,