Scroll down to see video of shocking zebra crossing footage.

School lollipop patrollers may soon be armed with cameras after one street crusader secretly filmed the moment he was forced to dodge cars on a zebra crossing.

Footage of a driver coming just feet away from mowing down Iver Heath lollipop man Matt Streuli emerged earlier this week and has led to Bucks County Council looking at ways of stepping up safety measures.

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Speaking to the Bucks Free Press, Mr Streuli revealed he had been forced to call police six times since the Easter break after a series of near misses.

Having seen the shocking video on the BFP website, BCC’s transport chief went down to the scene and now says the council is looking at the possibility of giving all patrollers a camera.

Cabinet member, councillor Mark Shaw, said: “While the use of cameras isn't current practice, we're looking carefully at the experiences of another local authority's pilot scheme with cameras attached to patrollers.

“Our priority is always the safety of the parents, carers and children who use school crossings, and of our dedicated team of crossing patrollers who see them safely across the road.”

BCC is in talks with Thames Valley Police over investigations around the dangerous driving, which Mr Streuli fears could one day lead to a child being hurt near his crossing in Slough Road.

Cllr Shaw added: “It's important to me that we do all we can to make crossings safe and secure places for our school children to get across the road.

“This is a very busy road, and it's fantastic that Matt cares so much about the families he sees across.

“My concern is that he's able to carry out his duty safely.”