A High Wycombe business is helping young apprentices kick start their careers with a new scheme.

Transport operator Geodis UK in Cressex Business Park has started to nurture home grown talent to help continue to drive the business forward as part of a “concerted effort” to recruit young people through apprenticeships.

The company has recruited five young hopefuls keen to enter the transport industry, providing them with on-the-job training and experience, setting them up for a “long” and “fruitful” career in logistics.

Managing director Jamie Cuthbert said: “There are many different aspects to the logistics industry and there are many different aspects to our own business.

“New, younger recruits are the lifeblood of a business like ours and once they have joined, there are endless opportunities for them to continue to grow and progress for many years.”

Geodis is offering three different apprenticeships – customer services, truck planning and warehousing – in partnership with learning and development provider Tess Group. The new recruits are completing a series of modules while working on the job and are being mentored by experienced staff at the company.

Mr Cuthbert added: “Logistics plays a major part in modern, everyday life. While the transport industry may be overshadowed by more appealing industries, it can actually foster many exciting challenges, and in turn help young people grow in confidence and achieve job satisfaction as they learn more about the complexities of the industry.

“It’s definitely one of the best industries for young people looking for growth, diversity and longevity in their careers.”