A petition calling for more money for Buckinghamshire’s NHS has been handed in to Downing Street during what campaigners are calling a “critical time” for Wycombe Hospital.

The petition, which received more than 10,000 signatures, asks for Bucks to get fairer funding to restore “key services” to Wycombe Hospital.

Addressed to chancellor George Osborne, the opening paragraph reads: “We ask you to ensure that Buckinghamshire not only receives the national average in funds, but also receives enough public funding so that key services are restored to Wycombe Hospital.”

BBC’s Trust Me I'm a Doctor presenter Dr Saleyha Ahsan handed the petition in on behalf of Hand Back Our Hospital and Save Wycombe Hospital campaigners last Friday (May 20).

Campaign leader Ozma Hafiz said: “This is a critical time for our hospital as decisions are currently being made about local service provision and the future of the hospital site. It's crucial that we speak up.

“Everyone deserves good quality, safe, effective NHS services closer to home.”

Wycombe Hospital no longer has an A&E department, which closed in 2006, or a full maternity service since both have moved to Stoke Mandeville. Overnight children’s services have also been stripped away.

Instead, it now has a Minor Injuries and Illness Unit, a Cardiac and Stroke Centre, and a midwife-led birthing centre for 'low risk' births.

Ms Hafiz added: “Whilst there is some evidence that Cardiac and Stroke Units have better outcomes when centralised, I am yet to see any evidence that services such as respiratory, overnight children's services, etc. are doing better since moving to Stoke.”

She said the petition will stay live until they get a response.

MP for Wycombe Steve Baker, who says he has twice submitted petitions to the government on fairer funding for Wycombe Hospital, claimed earlier this year that re-opening the old-styled department would lead to more deaths.

He said: “The challenge is to make sure that people get the right care, in a timely way, close to home, in a way that commands public support and consent.

“But, merely to demand the return of an old-style A&E is irresponsible because more people would die in such a unit and that is why it’s not going to happen.”

The BFP started the original Hand Back Our Hospital campaign in 2005 to restore services at Wycombe Hospital and has been charting its progress, dedicating numerous front pages to the campaign.