The 2015 winner of The Great British Bake Off will bring her expert eye to our very own Big Bucks Bake Off challenge in High Wycombe.

Nadiya Hussain will be part of a judging panel at Eden Shopping Centre’s annual food fair, which is inviting members of the public to submit a cake for judgement with the winning selection being sold for the Wycombe Homeless Connection.

Due to observing Ramadan, Nadiya will be judging appearance and aesthetics but will not be sampling any bakes. She will, however, be signing copies of her new book, taking part in a Q&A and offering advice to aspiring bakers on how to perfect her signature macaroons and another special savoury dish.

Bucks Free Press reporter Shruti Sheth Trivedi will be doing the taste test on Nadiya's behalf.

Our own Q&A below will allow you to get to know the woman who stole the heart of British bakers a little better ahead of her appearance.

What was the trickiest challenge on The Great British Bake Off?

One of the trickiest bakes had to be the Flaounes in the technical challenge. There is nothing worse than not recognising a recipe at all!!

Since your GBBO win, you’ve been rubbing shoulders with the great and the good in the world of celebrity chefs and bakers. Who do you most admire professionally?

Some of my favourite cooks and chefs are Ainsley Harriott, Jamie Oliver, Nigel Slater and Delia Smith.

How did it feel to be chosen to create the Queen’s 90th birthday cake? What went through your mind when you first heard?

Initially I thought it was a hoax. But when I realised it was an actual offer to make the Queen’s cake I was stunned. I wasn’t actually nervous until I was faced with the Queen herself. Luckily she was lovely and the day went really well.

The Queen’s cake looked delicious; can you share the recipe with us? Where did you get the inspiration for the design?

The recipe for the Queen’s cake is in my new book Nadiya’s Kitchen, and I’m delighted to share it with your readers.

When deciding on design I wanted to go for a bold, bright and modern style. In terms of the flavour I wanted something fresh and light so I opted for a citrus/orange drizzle cake.

Your first cookery book, Nadiya’s Kitchen, is out now and you’ll be signing copies at Eden Shopping Centre. What’s your favourite recipe and why?

I have so many favourites but one of my fondest sweet recipes has to be the ‘Jam puddle brownies’ and savoury would be my ‘Boiled egg curry’.

What’s your favourite thing to cook with your children?

I like to cook everything with my kids but they particularly love baking all the recipes from the book, especially the ‘Ovaltine bedtime biccies’.

What is your guilty foodie secret?

I don’t have any secrets but what I do like todo is experiment so I’m always on a voyage of discovery. So maybe my secret is my curiosity. Sometimes it pays off, other times it doesn’t!

What is always in your cupboard?

I always have eggs in my cupboard. They are the most versatile ingredient and can make breakfast lunch and dinner effortlessly.

Can you share your top tip for avoiding a soggy bottom?

Always preheat the oven with a baking tray already inside and when you are ready to put your tart in, place it directly onto the hot tray. The heat from tray will start to cook the base of the tart straight away.

Finally, you’re having a lazy summer’s lunch in the garden. What’s in your glass, on your plate and on the stereo?

Virgin sangria.

Sticky chicken with a bean and apple salad.

Isley Brothers – Summer Breeze.

The closing date for entries is today, June 24 at 11am. To enter, visit 

View Nadia's recipe for the Queen's birthday cake here.