The fight against terrorism and organised crime are some of the biggest challenges facing the next Prime Minister, according to a leading Buckinghamshire MP.

Current minister of state for Europe, Aylesbury MP David Lidington, has backed Conservative colleague Theresa May this week saying she has the “hallmarks” to lead the country while combatting “national and global” problems.

Having vocally campaigned to keep the UK in the European Union and then watching on as David Cameron resigned after Brexit was sealed by a public vote, Mr Lidington has now shown support for the Maidenhead MP – whose constituency includes Cookham and Bisham – to steer the country forward.

Writing to Bucks Free Press readers, Mr Lidington said: “The hallmarks of a Prime Minister should be competence and integrity. Theresa has those qualities in full.

“Our country faces huge challenges. The forthcoming negotiation with our friends and allies in Europe will need to cover not only a complex range of economic and commercial issues but also how we cooperate in future against terrorism and organised crime and on foreign policy matters.

“In the meantime, the other problems that we face, both national and global, are not going to go away.

“We have to face up to global competition, to the impact of digital technology on jobs, to the housing crisis, climate change, tough choices on taxation and spending, a belligerent Russia and a refugee crisis which, given population trends in Africa, is likely to be with us for a generation.

“We need a leader with toughness and experience. Theresa has held one of the most difficult jobs in government for more than six years.

“She has sat on the National Security Council and understands both the internal and external threats to Britain's security.

“She is respected and trusted by her counterparts around the world.

“They know both that she will fight hard for British interests and that if she agrees to a deal she will keep her word.

“I am confident that Theresa May's blend of calmness under fire, firmness of purpose and long experience offers the leadership that our country needs in what will be turbulent and challenging times.”