I wrote last week about treasured possessions and their claim on our hearts and therefore the space in our homes.

But what about the decidedly un-treasured ones that are perfectly serviceable but no longer required? I share the reluctance of many of my post-war generation to waste anything and therefore understand Michael McIntyre’s shrewd mining of the humour to be had from the ‘man drawer’ where reside those bizarre bits of tat that ‘may come in useful sometime’ like old phones and Allen keys for products unknown.

I too have bags full of wires and connectors that may never be needed but ‘just might’ and boxes of old keys for houses long left.

But finding people who might have a use for that old trailer that you haven’t used for years or the rolls of netting or posts stacked behind the garden shed can prove more problematical.

Until you discover Freecycle. What a greatbrilliant initiative. I know some people have reason to want to realise some cash for their unwanted goods, but many of us just want to get rid of them and find the process less painful because they are going where they are really wanted.

A few months ago we realised that the huge dresser that my wife had lovingly painted blue did not look right in Baker Towers and had to go.

Someone suggested Freecycle and a lovely couple who were setting up their new home together and had no disposable readies were beside themselves with joy as they trotted off with it in their van one night. They were going to use it as a vivarium apparently. From unwanted furniture to a snake hotel.

We have been using this worldwide voluntary organisation’s service again this week and have waved goodbye to two trailers that are past their usefulness for us and been delighted by the evident pleasure they are now affording their new owners.

And what is available for the dedicated recycler is certainly varied. From rolls of bubble wrap to television sets, Milton sterilising tablets to horseboxes and trampolines to teacups.

All you have to do is sign up and put your items on the website and sit back and wait for the responses. And if the High Wycombe branch doesn’t have what you want then there are many more braches in our area.

Whether you’re a giver or receiver this really works to reduce waste and save money.