Prostitutes could be slapped with a £1,000 fine for selling sex in an area of High Wycombe under new plans agreed by the district council.

A crackdown using new powers will see a ban on ‘prostitution-related activities’ around Desborough Road alongside new efforts to stop anti-social drinking on town centre streets.

This is despite Thames Valley Police statistics showing no reported crimes relating to prostitution last year, according to council analysts.

However, “anecdotal evidence” on sex workers in the area provided by councillors put the issue back on the table, with members voting in favour of using new Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) powers to curb the problem.

Kerb crawlers and other crimes relating to prostitution will also be covered by the ban.

WDC Cabinet members also voted to introduce a new order to stop the “ongoing problem with regular street drinkers” who congregate in High Wycombe town centre.

A PSPO will replace the current rules on street drinking, and will cover the whole of the town centre including the Rye.

A three month consultation with police, land owners and other community figures will take place before the powers are adopted.

PSPOs were introduced in 2014 to tackle anti-social behaviour, and can be used to stop a range of activities including rough sleeping and even skateboarding.

The powers have been dubbed “the busybody’s charter” amid accusations they lead to unnecessary interference from councils and police.

However, the council stresses that these powers will only be adopted in the Wycombe district to stop anti-social behaviour arising from alcohol and prostitution-related offences. 

WDC has admitted there is a risk that issues such as prostitution could simply be displaced to areas not covered by the ban, but any such ramifications would be "monitored".