Bourne End has been plagued with a “foul smell” after sewage started spewing on to a street yesterday afternoon, residents say.

A manhole started leaking on the Marlow Road on Sunday, August 21 – leaving cars and pavements on the street splattered with the mess.

Cressington Place resident, Brian Murphy, said: “This morning the adjacent pavements are very wet from splashed liquid from vehicles.

“The roadway is wet along most of the parade areas and especially Tesco Car park– liquid carried by vehicle tyres.

 “I have just seen two young people ride through it on their bikes. They were probably not aware of the potential risks.

“It has gown down a bit now. It was spewing out from a manhole cover in the road.

"What a fine example of infrastructure resilience and response times – bearing in mind the WDC proposed massive housing development in Bourne End."

Thames Water said it is aware of the problem and an engineer is due to investigate the leakage today.

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