A daredevil six-year-old from High Wycombe took on the gruelling challenge of cycling down Snowdon on his bike last week - a feat considered "too dangerous" to qualify for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Lewis Ebrey from Micklefield cycled the most difficult route on the highest mountain in England and Wales under the watchful eye of his parents, Paul and Zoe, on August 26.

The trio first had to face the “extremely tough” challenge of pushing their bikes up the mountain in North Wales for four hours as bikes are not allowed on the Snowdon train.

Mr Ebrey said: “Once at the top, nerves set in, and Lewis took a little while to find his feet.

“Once going however, he handled the drops and rocks like a pro, with only a couple of short sections (where his bike didn’t have the clearance to run over the rocks) beating him.

“The top of the run at Snowdon is very steep, but has a wide, rocky path.

“As you descend, the gradient gets shallower, but the size of the boulders and difficulty of the general terrain gets much harder."

Proud of their son's efforts Mr and Mrs Ebrey made an application to Guinness to create a record on behalf of Lewis for the youngest person to cycle down Snowdon.

However the application was declined on the basis that records considered too dangerous for children under 16 are not permitted.