A rogue High Wycombe landlord and her accomplice have been ordered to pay more than £25,000 after being caught out trying to con investigators into believing they were meeting health and safety rules.

Property owner Nahida Rehman rented out a five-bedroom house in the town, but lied about installing toilets and fire doors and even faked a builder's invoice.

The Windsor Drive resident, who also enlisted the help of High Wycombe man Yasser Khan, used a false invoice to claim that the work had been carried out.

After being found guilty, judges ordered Rehman to pay almost £18,000, while Khan faces a bill of just under £10,000.

Earlier this year the council’s private housing team visited Rehman’s property in Bookerhill Road, which is rented to six tenants, and told her manager that improvements were needed to meet fire and other health and safety requirements.

Among the changes needed to be made were fireproofing the building, installing a fire door and providing an additional toilet.

Despite the landlord later telling the council the work had been done, a follow up check by the private housing team revealed that, while the work was only partially completed, it had not been done properly and did not comply with building control regulations.

In a bid to convince investigators she had asked for the work to be done, Rehman delivered a builder’s invoice with Khan’s name and signature to the council office.

However, suspicions were raised and after further inspections, council workers discovered that the building company named as responsible knew nothing about the project.

After considering the case, judges ordered Rehman to pay a total of £17,986, including a £16,000 fine, £1,866 in costs and a victim surcharge of £120.

Khan, of Chairborough Road, was fined £8,000 with full costs of £1,866 were also demanded alongside a victim surcharge of £120.

If you think anyone is committing fraud, speak to the Corporate Fraud Team on 0800 0158995 or email fraud.investigations@wycombe.gcsx.gov.uk