READ MORE: 'Worst case scenario' could see bridge closed for up to six months.

An “embarrassed” company has apologised after one of its drivers drove a HGV over Marlow Bridge, forcing it to close for the “foreseeable future”.  

Police were called to the iconic bridge, which has a three-tonne weight limit, at 10.30pm on Saturday night after they received reports that a heavy lorry had used the bridge.

The lorry’s tyres had been damaged and officers gave a fixed penalty notice to the driver.  

The HGV, believed to be from Lithuania, belongs to Girteka Logistics, a European haulage company.

Kristian Kaas Mortensen, a spokesman for the company, said they are taking the issue “very seriously.”

He said: “I'm truly ashamed that we had a driver who would be so inconsiderate to cross this bridge. We will take appropriate actions towards this driver, and as well involve his union representative.

“We are very embarrassed and apologize to the people of Marlow for this situation.”

He said the company will look to create a “geo fence” around the bridge, instructing drivers not to approach, as well as working on educating their drivers to “read the signs and react properly.”

The company will also create a “quick working” task force to see how they can “do better, not only in Marlow, but in the UK in general.”

Transport for Bucks has now confirmed that initial inspections show evidence of "overstressing on key structural parts of the bridge."

Dan Elworthy, TfB spokesman, said: "Based on these initial findings, for safety reasons the bridge will remained closed whilst further specialist testing/investigation is completed so we can fully understand the full extent of damage caused by the HGV.

"We are happy that the footway on one side remains open to pedestrians and cyclists.

"Until a full investigation is completed, we will be unable to assess the damage and how long the bridge may need to remain closed to traffic."

The landmark has recently reopened after it was closed last month so crucial repair work could start, and drivers were diverted via the High Street, Spittal Street, Chapel Street, Little Marlow Road, A404, Marlow Road and Bisham Road.