Kosher Comedy launches in Rickmansworth next Thursday, featuring Sol Bernstein, Bennett Arron, Mark Maier and Philip Simon.

I spoke to Bennett from St Albans about the event, in aid of the South Bucks Jewish Community, to find out what people can expect.

“A lot of nudity and violence”, he declares, before: “I’m kidding. Sorry to disappoint. It’s a fantastic line up of comedians, all of whom I’ve worked with before and they all have wonderful, different styles.”

I ask how he got into comedy?

“I’d written 10 minutes of stand-up material and was looking for an opportunity to try it out. I was then asked to take part in a celebration evening for my parents’ synagogue. I thought that would be a perfect opportunity. I was living in London, as I was teaching and writing for TV, so I had to get a train to Wales.

“The minute I arrived they told me I had to go on immediately. So I went on stage and performed my 10 minutes. To silence. Nothing. Maybe one cough.

“I was then told that they hadn’t expected me to perform comedy, just to talk about living in London and my job, etc. They then explained that I had actually gone on stage between a Holocaust survivor and the Chief Rabbi. I realised no gig could ever go so badly.”

Kosher Comedy, which will undoubtedly go better than that, was arranged by Toby Friedner who recently moved to Chesham.

“I was looking for a local synagogue to join” he tells me. “I found South Bucks Jewish Community who made my family and I feel welcome from day one. Although the community is fabulous the one thing we lack is a building we can call our own. I have made it my mission to raise enough money to find and sustain our own building. This is the first public event the community has put on, to help that cause.”

Toby, who has never hosted a comedy night before, put a lot of thought into the event.

“Comedy is a bit of a departure for me. I wanted Jewish comedians to fit with the theme of Kosher Comedy. I researched by watching comics on YouTube and found these guys. Mark also gave me some guidance about the Jewish comics working the circuit at the moment.”

Kosher Comedy will be held at Watersmeet, High Street, Rickmansworth, WD3 1EH, Thursday, September 29, from 7pm. Details: 01923 711063