Campaigners protesting against huge cuts to A&E and key maternity services at High Wycombe’s hospital will rally together in the town this weekend and call to have fully reopened. 

Hand Back Our Hospital campaigners have been calling for Wycombe Hospital’s A&E to be returned for 10 years - and the birthing centre after services were suspended at the beginning of July.

Residents have been invited to make a stand and join a protest in the grounds of All Saints Church, in Castle Street, on Saturday, October 22 at 2.30pm.

Ahead of the government’s autumn statement, campaign leader, Ozma Hafiz, wants to show “our NHS is a priority” in the face of more potential cuts to the health service.

She said: “One month before the autumn statement, let's show that our NHS is a priority.

“Decisions are being made under 'Sustainability and Transformation plans' (STP) which could see us losing more.

“Decisions about us really shouldn't be made without us. However my Freedom of Information request asking for a copy of our local STP plan was rejected.

“The NHS is being forced to make £22 billion worth of efficiency savings, despite being the most cost-effective, efficient health service in the world.

“I truly hope I and others are wrong, but locally, over the next few years, it is believed this will result in losses of services from other local hospitals including Reading and Stoke Mandeville.”

Bucks Free Press:

Campaigners will put thier hands up for Wycombe Hospital this weekend.

According to Miss Hafiz, Wycombe Hospital is now struggling following the transfer of some vascular services to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

She fears the continual transfer of services to a different county would result in a “super hospital” forcing “vulnerable” patients further afield for treatment.

Her comments come after patients requiring carotid endarterectomy surgery were controversially told they would have to travel to Oxford - but at the time hospital bosses defended the move saying patients would only be asked to travel for procedures when there is a clear evidence or benefit of doing so.

She said: “The latest response we have received from the Department of Health disappointingly appears to give no weight to a report by local Healthwatch which states that the stress, anxiety and cost associated with getting to appointments has become a major issue.

“Our other points including potential disruption caused by HS2 construction, flooding along the route to Stoke Mandeville and the fire at Stoke (which whilst dealt with quickly, demonstrates another flaw in mass centralisation) were also seemingly ignored.

“The campaign continues to receive support from across the political spectrum. It's important that we make a stand. Not only for our sake, but the other hospitals up and down the country that are fast following suit.”

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