A petition has been launched by Big Brother 2016 finalist Jayne Connery to install CCTV in all dementia care facilities by law after she claims she witnessed “horrific failings” while her mother was a resident in a failing care home.

Ms Connery, who lives in Gerrards Cross, said the failings across dementia care were a “national tragedy” and that CCTV would act as a deterrent for those “who are not in the system to care”.

She said: “CCTV will not eradicate the failings but it will assist as another pair of eyes and protect good carers.

“My mother was in three different care homes and I had to take her out of all of them because of the treatment she was receiving.

“It was the best thing I did as she is now home with a live-in carer and she is doing amazingly. But not everyone can afford to do that.”

It comes after the Bucks Free Press reported earlier this year that Ms Connery said Buckingham House in Oxford Road, Gerrards Cross, had “failed” her 80-year-old mother Helen, who has vascular dementia, in the six months she was a resident there.

She claims to have found dirty, stained sheets left on her bed, dirty laundry piled in the room for days and that her mother was almost given two doses of medication in the same night.

At the time, she said: “It’s not just Buckingham House. I don’t blame one carer, they were brilliant. It is not about them, it is about managers putting money over care.”

She has now launched a social media campaign, with a picture she put up a week ago asking people to support the petition going viral with more than 60,000 shares in a week.

She added: “The response has been overwhelming. I have had messages from nurses and carers saying this should be nationwide.

“I want to thank Dawn Williams and Laura White who I have never met but have been brilliant and helping me with the campaign, and also Martin Fenner from MetOne printers who kindly did all my flyers for me for free.

“If these were our children’s nurseries there would be an outcry so why are we putting up with it for our vulnerable and elderly?

“I am just a daughter whose mother was failed.”

At the time, operations director at the Maria Mallaband Care Group, which the care home is a part of, said they welcomed the “ongoing national debate” about CCTV in dementia care facilities and said it could be “very positive” in that it would provide residents and family with “comfort” and protect their staff from “unfounded or misinformed allegations”.

She also said they were aware of the issues raised by Ms Connery and they were investigated by the group with action taken “where necessary”.

The petition has had more than 5,000 signatures. At 10,000 signatures the government will respond to it and at 100,000, it will be considered for debate in Parliament.

To sign it, go to https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/168920.

The care home's statement previously made accusations against Ms Connery. Care home bosses have now issued an apology and clarified the matter by saying: "we do not believe the care and concern that you showed regarding Buckingham House was problematic."