Devastated neighbours have relived the moment their quiet street was hit by tragedy when a lorry driver was crushed to death by a pallet of tiles last week.

The driver, who has not yet been named, was unloading a heavy goods vehicle in Fraser Road, Booker, when a pallet of tiles fell on top of him on Wednesday (November 23).

The Reason Transport driver, believed to be in his fifties, died at the scene at around 11am. 

Flowers and tributes have now been left in the area that he passed away. 

Bucks Free Press:

Catherine Williams, who said the driver was delivering the tiles to her next-door neighbour, said residents in the road had been left shocked by the tragic incident.

She said: “I didn’t see it happen, when I got outside he was already on the floor. I heard a scream and when I went outside, I saw him lying on the ground.

“Two men were running to help him because he was bleeding on the floor. Then the emergency services came. Quite a few neighbours came along but a policeman told them to go inside.

“It was very disturbing, because one minute he was there and the next he was on the floor. It was very stressful. A lot of people feel very sad and disturbed by what happened.” 

Another distraught neighbour, who did not want to be named, spoke to the driver in the street just 20 minutes before the tragic incident and described the “gut-wrenching” moment she found out he had died.

She said: “The sad thing was, he was literally parked right outside my house. At about 20 to 11 I went to leave for work and he was blocking my drive. He let me out and we had a little bit of a chat.

“It wasn’t until the next day that I realised. People kept asking me at work what had happened. I came home from work and saw the flowers and I realised it was him, it was just awful.

“I sat down that night and thought ‘I can’t believe it’, ten minutes later the man I had been talking to was dead. It’s that awful realisation that things can happen very quickly.

“It really shook me. I sat on the sofa and thought that was the man I was talking to, that I said thank you to. We see all this on the news and you don’t actually think that something like that could happen.”

A spokesman for Palletways UK confirmed they are “working closely” with the emergency services while they investigate.