An 86-year-old man has called for more safety measures in a busy department store after he was pushed over in John Lewis, causing him to break both of his thumbs just days before he was due to go on holiday.

Edward Anderson, from Marlow, was shopping with his wife at the High Wycombe department store during October half term where he claims he was pushed over at the top of the escalator and was "temporarily unconscious".

Mr Anderson hailed two members of staff who rushed to his aid following his fall, but the ex-serviceman says he has felt "let down" by the company which he claims has failed to return contact with him.

The Willowmead Square resident had to spend more than 10 weeks with casts on both of his hands over the Christmas period – which he says has “ruined his life” - and he says he is still in pain.

Mr Anderson has now called for John Lewis staff to monitor the amount of people using the busy escalators so the the incident does not happen again.

However Mr Anderson has fallen in to dispute with John Lewis - which insists contact has been made with the pensioner since the distressing accident, and an apology has been made.

Mr Anderson said: “I have heard nothing at all. A couple of staff came over to help me up, but apart from that no one has spoken to me.

“It was when I got to the top of the escalator I was pushed over. I was practically unconscious at the top and one girl heard me say I had been pushed.

“It was busy because the Christmas shopping had started and the escalator was absolutely packed. They need to have someone at the bottom monitoring how many people are on there.

“I want some compensation from them because of all the things that happened to me it’s ruined my life – I couldn’t dress myself, I couldn’t drive.

“I had to pay for taxis everywhere. I had to pay for a hired driver when I was on holiday which cost me £400. It ruined my Christmas – I was had to change my plans.”

Mr Anderson - who says he has spent thousand of pounds in the store over his lifetime - wrote a letter to John Lewis on November 16 explaining his ordeal.

He explained that life became "unbearable" following his fall and the pain caused by his injuries left him unable to enjoy his holiday.

A spokesman from John Lewis told the Bucks Free Press that staff ensure there is enough room and the bottom and top of escalators when their stores become particularly busy.

The company says a manager from the branch has made contact with the 86-year-old, saying: "Mr Anderson wrote to John Lewis in late November saying that in October he had fallen on an escalator in our High Wycombe branch.

“On December 5 a manager from the branch called Mr Anderson to apologise for this experience. During this call Mr Anderson told us that he had a camera that he felt he needed a refund for as he could no longer use it, and this was done on 21 December when he returned the camera.

“If Mr Anderson would like to talk to us again we would be happy for him to get in touch."