Plans have emerged to convert a former community centre in High Wycombe town centre into an “exotic” Cuban restaurant which will transform into a nightclub in the evening.

If proposals are given the green light, the Reggie Goves Centre, in Paul's Row, will be developed into a Club Havana restaurant and café which is expected to facilitate up to 600 people at a time.

The complex was closed down in 2014 in a bid to save Wycombe District Council £92,000 – sparking an outcry in the community – and it has been empty ever since.

The building will be “rejuvenated” to mimic the Cuban architectural style using pastel colours such as light yellow, blue and pink, according to the design and access statement.

The building will be developed inside to accommodate a daytime pub and café at the front, an evening restaurant and nightclub in the central hall and a new mezzanine as well as a club and events hall on the first floor.

If the opening times are approved the venue will be open until 2am from Sunday to Wednesday then 3am from Thursday to Saturday.

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