Keith Lemon, Gordon Ramsey and Boy George were all spotted roaming the Eden Shopping Centre on Saturday as part of an April Fools prank on unsuspecting shoppers.

The three doppelgangers were sent into the High Wycombe shopping mall on April 1, and it wasn’t long before delighted shoppers started asking for selfies with their heroes.

Fooled customers took to social media to share their photos with the pranksters, however some eagle-eyed followers were quick to point out the spoof.

World-renowned chef Gordon Ramsey created the biggest stir, according to Eden bosses, and was stopped by passers-by as soon as he entered the centre.

Marketing assistant at the Eden, Vanessa Ollis, said: “We wanted to do something a bit different for April Fools day, something that would create a photo opportunity for people and definitely be fun.

“Our Gordon Ramsay look-a-like created the most impact, he was stopped by passers by almost immediately and could barely go 3 or 4 steps without being stopped again.”