A notorious High Wycombe jihadi has been complaining about how the ISIS “high life” in Raqqa, Syria, is “over”, according to national reports.

Omar Hussain, former security guard at Morrisons, Temple End, allegedly took to encrypted chat service Telegram to complain about terrorists running away from the besieged city, while ranting about the heat in the war-torn country.

According to The Sun, the 30-year-old said summers in Syria were a “killer”, saying the only choices were to either sleep topless and get bitten by insects but stay cool, or sleep with clothes on and not get bitten but “get really hot”.

He also reportedly said: “Last few years Raqqa was the centre of dunya [the world] here in Sham [Syria] — compared to the other wilayahs [provinces].

“From cocktails, ice creams, easy lifestyle…Brothers getting married once, twice, even three times. It was central to the ‘high life’ in jihad.

“Now that the Kuffaar [non-believers] are near so many Muhajireen and Ansar [warriors] have fled to other towns.”

Earlier this year, the IS recruit released a disturbing video in an attempt to recruit followers to plan bomb attacks in London like those that shocked the metro system in St Petersburg.

The former Cressex Community School pupil is believed to have fled to Syria from High Wycombe in 2013, allegedly launching a campaign to lure new recruits and persuade them to act in the name of ISIS.