Fresh plans for a controversial multi-storey car park extension that has been likened to a “giant cheese grater” have been submitted – but furious Gerrards Cross residents have slammed the council for “ignoring” their concerns.

The proposal to extend the car park on Station Road to five storeys, with an extra 328 spaces, was met with criticism from residents who fear the work will make the street “dark, unpleasant and unfriendly”.

The plans were due to be discussed by South Bucks District Council (SBDC) in January, but were pulled to allow the applicant – Balfour Beatty – to address issues that were raised by the Highway Authority.

Amended plans have now been submitted again this month – with one resident claiming the string of objections from those who live nearby have been “ignored”.

Keith Edwards says the only real difference he can see is that the colour of the building has been changed and criticised the district council for submitting the new plans in August, when people are away on holiday.

He said: “The plans are pretty much as they were before. They have submitted the plans in August when no one is around and it seems like they are trying to get it in behind closed doors. All the constructive feedback on how the car park could be improved appear to have been completely ignored.

“If this goes ahead it will destroy the essential character of the centre of Gerrards Cross forever and it isn’t necessary to build a car park this size. The council appear to be trying to build the biggest cheapest car park they can get away with in order to justify the expenditure and ignoring their constituents concerns and suggestions.

“There are a lot of other people in Gerrards Cross who feel the same way. We were all expecting a more transparent and open approach to the plans. It feels awful to be honest. It is very, very wrong.

“Do we live in a democracy, or a dictatorship?”

South Bucks District Council defended the plans, stating that there is “increasing demand” for additional car parking in Gerrards Cross, and urged residents to comment on the plans.

Spokesman for SBDC, Rachel Prance, said: “As this is now a current planning application all comments should be submitted to the planning department as they will then be considered as part of the consultation on this application. See our statement below.

“There is an increasing demand for additional car parking in Gerrards Cross town centre for shoppers, local businesses and residents.

“This is borne up by two independent capacity studies undertaken late last year and early in 2017.

“These studies and many other discussions have confirmed that the demand for parking in Gerrards Cross is growing.

“The plans to build a new multi-storey car park in Station Road are to make sure the future needs of local shoppers, businesses and residents are met.”

Residents with concerns about the plans have until August 24 to comment on the application at